The Critical Role of Total Quality Management in Military Health System Logistics Activities

Military logistics plays a critical role in the health readiness of service members in both deployed and non-deployed settings. It involves the management and coordination of activities to successfully deliver products and services to our service members. Click here to read more

Operationalizing your Strategic Plan to Access New Markets

The significance of strategic planning is widely acknowledged within the business community. Strategic planning plays a pivotal role in elevating various facets of business performance, encompassing operational capacity, efficiency, mission alignment, customer acquisition, revenue generation, and market expansion. However, despite its recognized importance, organizations have encountered persistent challenges in effectively executing their strategic plans. This paper explores how to operationalize your strategic plans for success. . Click here to read more

Helping People with Disabilities Navigate the System

The community of people living with disabilities experience disparities in health care access, employment, education, housing, and transportation. Even the ability to research services and support may be hindered by a lack of internet access and lack of accessible technology.

People in this community have significant value to contribute and their equal participation in the community at-large allows for enhancement of their own life experiences and that of others.  Click here to read more

Nurturing Talent for the Federal Aviation Administration

There are concerns about the staffing shortage within the aviation industry. In particular, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continues to face staffing challenges and lacks a plan to address them, which in turn poses a risk to the continuity of air traffic operations.  Click here to read more