Business Consulting Services

We are Business Transformation Consultants

Both small and large enterprises operate in a complex and dynamic business environment.  To stay current, businesses require modern technologies, aligned strategies and a skilled workforce to accomplish business objectives.
NolanMackenzie provides expert consultancy that use innovative technologies to drive business forward.  Our cutting-edge approach to consulting encompasses thought-leadership, analytics, research and client inspired best practices.


Often in public sector contracting especially in the small business community, sales leadership development is not a focus, and hiring experience professionals is often expensive. We train your emerging sales and business development professionals into superstars. Our training program is based on experiential learning model, proven techniques, and best practices. When time is of the essence, we customize our training programs for your organization to help you meet your growth and revenue goals. NolanMackenzie specializes in developing and coaching your salespeople to be successful in the government contracting markets.

Digital Transformations

In the past few years, organizations have accelerated their digital business transformation efforts resulting in fundamental changes in the way their business operates.  Digitalization is more than moving legacy systems to the cloud, its having interoperability among systems allowing for robust collaboration, infrastructure efficiencies and business intelligence.

When adopting technologies, an equally important consideration is having a workforce ready for digital transformation. Our consultants help you with technology evaluation, implementation and workforce analysis and training to ensure that your transformation efforts yield extended results of improved customer experience, productivity, and agility. We work with you to align your digitalization efforts with business objectives to drive intended growth, outcomes, and performance.

Human Centered Design

Automating business processes is critical in achieving improved customer services, operational efficiencies, and reduced cost. It’s a different world. Old business operating models just don’t work today.  The goal is to create seamless process flows aligned with business objectives to free up your workforce to focus on high value priorities.   Our consultants work with you to design ways to maximize the potential of automation.

NolanMackenzie provides clients with innovative and expert consultancy to drive business forward with best-in-class technologies.  Our cutting-edge approach to information management encompasses data analytics and information protection.  Our solution enriches our client decision-making process to deliver predictable growth, outcomes, and performance.  Clients gain the ability to build and measure KPIs, set alerts, share and collaborate with team members and never be in the dark about your organization.