Managing corporate data, cyber threats, and increasingly growing client demands place constant stress on all businesses to operate securely, efficiently and intelligently.   Both small and large enterprises operate in a complex and dynamic environment.  Employees access corporate information using various mobile devices, many types of user applications, multiple business and social platforms on physical and virtualized clouds environments.  An organization’s ability to leverage and protect its information is no longer a “nice-to-have” but essential for business success.   

N|M Consulting Services provide clients with innovative and expert consultancy to drive business forward with best in class technologies.  Our cutting edge approach to information management encompasses data analytics and information protection.  Our solution enriches our client decision-making process to deliver predictable growth, outcomes and performance.  Clients gain the ability to build and measure KPIs, set alerts, share and collaborate with team members and never be in the dark about your organization.



We provide industry experts to assist organizations overcome their challenges and increase performance. Our team apply their knowledge, experience and relationships to help you overcome your most pressing challenges. We seamlessly integrate within your team to provide your organization with the capacity to meet your business needs.

Data Analytics & Visualization
N|M Analytics & Visualization Services enable our clients to turn their data into information that positively impacts every aspect of their organization (Customer Service, Call Center, Sales, Acquisitions, Supply Chain, Operations, Growth, Performance, Human Resources).  N|M analytics & visualization services empower our clients to Connect, Analyze, and Visualize their key metrics and KPIs.

Cyber Security
N|M provides end-to-end, multi-layered security for enterprise environment from the cloud all the way to employees’ personal devices.  Today’s employees work in a dynamic environment with  various types of devices, many types of user applications and multiple business platforms, from physical to virtualized cloud based infrastructure.  We deliver best-in-class cyber solutions to protect your information assets.

Technical Assistance & Training Services
N|M delivers technical assistance and training services to facilitate change management, technology adoption and program compliance and management initiatives. Through innovative solutions and effective learning interventions, we help clients overcome programmatic and personnel obstacles and empower them to reach their most ambitious goals.