The Business of Growing

The most critical and guiding factor for business success when embarking on any new endeavor is “The Plan.”

Globalization and technology have transformed the way businesses operate today. The marketplace is dynamic and filled with complexities and competition. Your customer needs are constantly evolving and their budgets are shrinking. So, what’s your next move?

Success driven organizations have clear insights into their organization’s internal capabilities, assets and resources in order to differentiate from the competition, articulate their value proposition and attract new business and customers while keeping existing ones. Accelerating your organization’s growth does not happen by osmosis, but through a systematic approach for strategic planning and execution.

N|M strategy, consulting and management services assist you navigate through these challenges and develop your roadmap for success.

Business Advisory Services

Business success requires going beyond your gut-feelings about a great ideas or new initiative. It requires assessing those ideas against market research, economic viability, and capacity analysis. The process of developing a growth plan helps identify where your products or services fit in the marketplace. It identifies your target customers, evaluate customer needs and expectation, value proposition, and your competition. The process of developing a growth plan places your business in the best position to effectively market your service, compete and win new business.

Your company may be considering doing business in the Public Sector.   The Public Sector market can be a very complex industry to navigate. It consists of regulations and compliance requirements your organization should be aware of. Further, it is a highly competitive environment, but can be a very rewarding marketplace. Having experienced professionals to support your efforts are key to your success. N|M assists organizations navigate the complexities of this industry and provide you with the foundation for success.

N|M leadership team members are experienced entrepreneurs with solid backgrounds leading high-growth companies. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs develop strategies to grow their businesses. Our uniqueness is that our team members are not only business people but possess domain experience and expertise as former government employees, law enforcement, technology, DOD, homeland security, nonprofits and healthcare professionals. We make your quest to grow a little easier.

Strategic Planning Services

Let’s face it, Change Happens. Mapping out and executing on strategies can be a complex and daunting proposition without the assistance of trusted advisors who can provide situational insights, lessons learned and the experience to assist your company move beyond challenges.

Our understanding of market trends, competitive landscape, along with our deep industry expertise and analytical capabilities, enables us to develop actionable strategies that create measurable long-term value for our customers. We leverage our vast knowledge of industry to help your organization navigate opportunities, overcome challenges and provide the business intelligence to make informed decisions.

N|M applies demonstrated insight and expertise to achieve an organization’s business goals, whether that involves realigning overarching corporate strategy or identifying how individual business units can make the greatest possible contribution to the entire organization.

Research and Evaluation

N|M works with organizations to design, execute, and disseminate results from research and evaluation to enable them to address their toughest challenges. We employ a wide range of quantitative data collection methods and analysis activities to obtain the accurate view of the issue. Our overarching goal is to provide organizations with sufficient information to enhance decision support capabilities.