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The Critical Role of Total Quality Management in Military Health System Logistics Activities

Military logistics plays a critical role in the health readiness of service members in both deployed and non-deployed settings. It involves the management and coordination of activities to successfully deliver products and services to our service members.

As a nation, we must be prepared to address the potential of a large-scale attack by any adversaries. Either of our adversaries or a combination of them have the potential to launch long-range missile systems against the United States causing mass casualties and destruction. While the Department of Defense will depend on the Military Health System to provide health care to military personnel in this type of situation, they will also require logistical support from commercial providers.

The Military Health System provides health care to active duty, reservists, retirees, and their dependents. The health care budget for the Department of Defense is $50 billion dollars and serves an estimated 136,000 personnel. The Tricare Health Plan is the primary delivery system for the eastern part of the United States and is responsible for the quality and safety of healthcare and serves an estimated 9.4 million individuals. A potential increase in combat casualties in the United States could put a strain on medical treatment facilities and resources. The country must be ready to meet these challenges by assisting the Military Health System in an emergency response medical environment at a moment’s notice.

The Department of Defense faces challenges when carrying out strategic logistics for military healthcare personnel. In this paper, NolanMackenzie intends to address some of the logistical challenges the Military Heath System could potentially face in the future. The Military Health System is one of America’s largest and most complex health care institutions, and the world’s preeminent military health care delivery operation. The Military Heath System saves lives on the battlefield, combats infectious disease around the world, and is responsible for providing health services through both Direct Care and Private Sector Care to approximately 9.6 million beneficiaries, composed of uniformed service members, military retirees, and family members.

To accomplish this mission, Military Heath System executes major logistic management functions including supply chain management, inventory management, transportation, warehousing, information management, quality control and emergency response.  These functions involve continuous process improvements, planning, organizing and coordination management activities.

Integral to these activities is Total Quality Management (TQM). TQM is a great tool that an organization can use when determining which mechanisms needed to create quality in products and services. Some key elements of our TQM process for health care will involve the development of a detailed Contingency Operations Plan, Coordinated Interagency Plans, Medical Facility Treatment Sites, Provider Care Networks, Logistical Collaboration and Scenario Training. TQM benefits military healthcare with improved patient care, enhanced efficiencies, and cost savings. TQM facilitates better outcomes for military personnel and their families.

The Department of Defense could face potential problems when addressing logistical health care needs for military personnel. The Military Health System has a responsibility to provide quality health care support to military personnel when and where it is needed. The DOD will need the support of a dedicated team of professionals knowledgeable and experienced in military health care, who are align and work closely with key stakeholders for the development of logistical strategies to sustain quality health care service for the Military Health System. This team will work with the Military Health System in the execution of logistical strategies to sustain total quality health care services.

Implementing total quality management within the Military Health System will bring mechanisms to improve quality of products and services to better meet the health care needs of our service members. It is not a question of if but when our adversaries will act against us and our military personnel abroad or here in the United States. The Department of Defense and Military Health System must have the capability and capacity to provide mass scale medical care to its military personnel. The nation must be prepared for an unexpected event by appropriately planning for the development of our medical capabilities and capacity of resources. Key to meeting this challenge is having multiple platforms that will deliver strategies and systems that will either streamline or improve processes, supplies, and services to military personnel.  NolanMackenzie has been effective in delivering systems to the federal government and will use our expertise in streamlining supply chain processes from raw materials to the end-user. Process improvements will give the agency the ability track required supplies from the manufacturer to the vendor and the government when needed.

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NolanMackenzie is a business advisory and management services company that brings military healthcare logistics expertise to meet the demands of Military Health Systems.

Our goal will be to support the TRICARE Health Plan in daily operational and combat conditions ensuring quality healthcare support for our military personnel. Combat conditions will be challenging, injuries sustained by military personnel must receive immediate medical care for survival. This includes pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, equipment, and clinics that can fully engage and support the member’s needs. We can assist TRICARE Health Systems in the delivery of resources during normal operations and life-saving events.

It is our goal to assist the Military Heath System in the delivery of quality health care, support services and equipment to military personnel where and when needed. We will work with the Department of Defense and other stakeholders in the development and execution of logistical strategies to sustain total quality health care services.


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