Nolan|Mackenzie provides management consulting services to help government meet their business objectives and deliver effective citizenry services maximizing cost-effectiveness.   Our consultants bring thought leadership in matters of healthcare, social services, entrepreneurial development, national security, transportation, and energy. 

Government agencies face complex challenges in a constantly changing, dynamic environment.   We help government agencies address these challenges with proven consultants that bring stability to an unstable environment.  We deploy human capital and advanced technologies to help agencies overcome their most pressing business challenges.

Nolan|Mackenzie delivers advanced technology solutions to enhance operational readiness, efficiencies, and effectiveness.  Using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), our solutions positively impact performance outcomes in managing programs, protecting information systems, and improving business processes.

  • Analytics & Visualizations. We employ Analytics & Visualization services to enable better decision making across government functional areas.  Whether analyzing acquisitions, processing health claims, tracking cargo, or evaluating call center performance, we empower our clients to Connect, Analyze, and Visualize their key metrics and KPIs.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). The single greatest weakness of legacy anti-virus (AV) products is the reliance on static signatures and indicators of compromise (IOC). Unfortunately, organizations from enterprises to government have deployed piles of software to fight threats only to be breached time and time again.  Nolan|Mackenzie cybersecurity is built entirely on the foundation of AI to predict if files will be harmful to your users. Our AI also detects weaponized documents as well as analyzes and predicts if documents have been compromised before they are opened and infected the system.

Nolan|Mackenzie Capability Statements

Download the PDF File:  General Capability Statement | Program Management | Technical Assistance & Training | Cybersecurity 

View Online:  General Capability Statement | Program Management |Technical Assistance & Training | Cybersecurity

Partnering with Nolan|Mackenzie

We welcome the opportunity to be your partner as a value-added team member.  Our technical experts will seamlessly integrate within your project teams to meet client requirements.  If you are interested in teaming with Nolan|Mackenzie, click the ‘contact us‘ and send us a note. We would love to hear from you.