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We energize organizational success by providing our clients with Strategy, Consulting and Management solutions.

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Nolan|Mackenzie is a management consulting firm whose mission is to Help Organizations Navigate Success.  Our philosophy is simply, “No-Excuses.” We believe that for every challenge, there is a solution; so we work tirelessly with our clients to get them beyond what hinders their organization’s success. We accomplished that by integrating expert consultancy with technology for improved business results.

We are in the business of:

STRATEGY: Developing & executing strategies to help organizations navigate new markets and/ or to expand within current ones.

CONSULTING: Leveraging technologies to gain business intelligence for enhanced decision making and to protect that information from cyber threats.

MANAGEMENT: Delivering talented professionals to support our nation’s healthcare, defense and national security apparatus.


Strategic Business Planning is your organization’s roadmap for growth. It’s all about organizing your business to produce results, reduce risks and maximize outcomes while minimizing unnecessary cost burdens even when the unexpected hits. Our customers gain confidence from our experience and expertise when contemplating growth activities such as: moving into new markets; pursuing new business opportunities; launching a new business or stimulating business performance.

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Business environments are complex and dynamic; to be successful, organizations must be proactive to their client needs, internal/external market forces and competitive landscape.  We partner with our clients to position them for success leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence and cyber security solutions to increase revenues, protect critical infrastructure and enhance organizational efficiencies.

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Successful organizations have the right people in place to get the job done. Don’t allow resource limitations to stall your growth and performance. N|M brings highly skilled professionals who will augment your teams’ capabilities to produce results . . .