NolanMackenzie supports the U.S. Small Business Administration National Crisis Training Series 

May 10, 2020

The U.S Small Business Administration implemented a national training program to help small businesses understand strategies and tactics to continue winning contracts and growing their businesses through a crisis.  Small businesses learn how to maximize their sole-source awards, leverage regulations to streamline contract awards and business development strategies. The program includes training sessions on:

  • Strategic Risk Management and Business in a Crisis
  • Managing Contract Changes
  • Remote Work Effectiveness
  • Cash Flow Management
  • HR and Leadership
  • Business Development in a Down Market

NolanMackenzie was tapped to deliver and advise on the training sessions.  “In these times of extreme challenges, it is important for small businesses to hear from experts on proven strategies that will help them overcome a crisis”, stated QC Jones, Managing Partner at NolanMackenzie.

For more information:
QC Jones